Contemporary Australian Poetry


Canberra-Cover picture-of-nothing-at-all A Slow Combusting Hymn: Poetry from and about Newcastle and the Hunter Region When the Moon Is Swiming Naked: Australasian Poetry for the Chinese Youngster / 當月亮在裸泳:澳亞詩人寫給中國孩子的詩 Notes for the Translators: From 142 New Zealand and Australian Poets
None so Raw as This Our Land: Seventeen West Australian Poets / 沒有一片土地如我們這般拙樸:當代西澳十七詩人選集 The Noise of Exchange: Tweleve Australian Poets / 接近尋思:當代澳洲十二詩人選集 China Years: Selected and New Poems of Kit Kelen / 中國歲月:客遠文詩選及新作 Wombats of Bundanon: Twenty Australian Poets / 本德農的袋熊:當代澳洲二十詩人選集 To The Single Man’s Hut / 單身漢的茅屋 / Para A Cabana do Homem Solteiro Fires Rumoured about the City: Fourteen Australian Poets / 火曜謠言都市:十四澳大利亞詩人
Republic of the East / A República do Oriente Kit Kelen’s Macao / 客遠文看澳門



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